What Matters Most: God, Country Family and Friends

“What Matters Most,” the sixth volume of the “Heartland Diary” series, is now available, and it is the one closest to my heart. Most of my books are about politics, but this book is about why we care about politics, why we care about anything.

The subtitle of “What Matters Most” is “God, Country, Family and Friends,” and that says it all. Here, you will read my personal reflections on the great country we live in, the faith of our fathers and the spirit of kindness that characterizes all true Christians and all true Americans.

Let’s face it. We are all sick of the fight between liberals and conservatives, between Democrats and Republicans, between Marxists and American patriots. It’s exhausting, no matter how important, and the fact is we never seem to convince each other of anything. That’s why for the past 15 years I have interspersed my political columns with columns about the stuff of everyday life such as birthdays, holidays, parades and illnesses. In addition, I love to explore the lessons of history and to talk about the importance of civility in our public discourse, especially in newspapers, which are the lifeblood of democracy as long as they remain honest.

Among my best-loved columns were celebrations of the lives of my mother and father, both of whom died of debilitating illnesses. Applying the lessons I learned from them to my own role as father and husband led to additional columns about everything from family vacations to T-ball to graduations and hunting and fishing.

The columns in this book are my secret weapon against liberals. As a Montana newspaper editor for 18 years, that helped me bridge the gap with readers who were on the opposite side of the political divide. Since I am a conservative, I have been vilified by people in my community as somehow less than human. That gives uninformed readers an excuse to ignore or avoid my political commentary, and thus to live in their safe bubble of propaganda and left-wing talking points. But when they read “What Matters Most,” their conscience will convict them. These essays are on universal themes and help provide common ground that humanizes all of us.

If you only give one book to a liberal family member or friend, consider this one. A very few of the columns in this collection may touch upon political themes, but for the most part I hope this book will appeal to those on the right and the left, and teach us how much we have in common at a time when the elites want to rip us apart.

“What Matters Most” is published by my own Heartland Press and costs $19.99 in trade paperback. Check back later for the electronic Kindle edition. To celebrate the publication of “What Matters Most,” I have lowered the price of the Kindle editions of all my earlier books. Click the links below and look for the Kindle editions.


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  1. Just bought the book. I am looking forward to reading it. It will bring some peace to my soul in these challenging days.

  2. Bill and I congratulate you on finishing another book and expect to receive ours on the 29th. It sounds like a another great read!

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