Liz Cheney must be kicked out of GOP, or else party is a joke!

Maybe the Republican Party is already a joke, but if they want to ever be taken seriously again, they must expel the traitor Liz Cheney from the party immediately!

In the wake of the tyrant Nancy Pelosi refusing to seat two Republicans on the “select” committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that he will not let any Republicans serve in the panel.

Well, that’s not exactly right because Democrat Pelosi appointed Trump-hating Republican Cheney on the panel so that she could claim the investigation into Jan. 6 is “bipartisan.” So there will be one Republican in the committee unless the party does the right thing and expels her!

Today, Cheney not only doubled down on her a Trump hatred, but she also was directly insubordinate to McCarthy, her party caucus leader in the US House, claiming he was trying to block the Jan. 6 investigation.

“At every opportunity, the minority leader has attempted to prevent the American people from understanding what happened, to block this investigation,” Cheney said.

What’s even worse, she attacked McCarthy as unfit for the speaker’s role, as well as by implication, for his current job.

“I think that any person who would be third in line to the presidency must demonstrate a commitment to the Constitution and a commitment to the rule of law and Minority Leader McCarthy has not done that,” said the despicable Cheney.

Will the Republican Party finally get the message?

You can’t have a traitor in your house unless you are willing to see your loved ones murdered in the night. Cheney not only can’t be trusted; she must be crushed by whatever means necessary. She is a disease in the Republican Party and must be rooted out.

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Kevin McCarthy, your move! Don’t disappoint us again!


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