FYI: I am no longer an Amazon Associate, but still have books for sale

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I wanted to let all my readers know that Amazon has removed my status as an Amazon Associate and has closed my Amazon storefront. Apparently, I violated Amazon rules by asking my readers to bookmark my Amazon storefront. I wanted to thank all of you who visited my storefront or clicked on my associate links

Fake impeachment scam resumes; protester calls out Democrat treason

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Listening to Rep. Jerry Nadler’s opening statement suggests to me that the Democrats in Congress may truly be possessed. Like the Salem Witch Hunt, the ones making the accusations are the only ones doing the devil’s work, and the people being accused are guilty of nothing except possibly being a little different than everyone else.

Andy Ngo roughed up by the online thought police; who’s next?

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Didn’t Twitter recently announce that it was getting out of politics? Oh wait, that was just political advertising. Turns out that Twitter is still into politics — bigly! And virulently against conservatives, Republicans, Trump, Christians, anyone to the right of FDR. The latest victim of the Twitter thought police was Andy Ngo, the brave journalist

Emergency Plan B: Be prepared to abandon Facebook and Twitter and learn to Parler

Down HomeFree SpeechMAGAPolitics – Down and DirtyThe Media Mess

The social media giants like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are desperate to steer their users leftward into a world where everyone thinks alike and no dissent is allowed. I’ve been targeted by all three of those giants at least once. Facebook suspended my posting privileges for a week. YouTube has banned one of my videos.