Sad! Bolton turns out to be the rat everyone said he was

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No one has a worse reputation in Washington, D.C., than John Bolton, the neo-con national security “expert” who never met a war he didn’t like. I’ve been one of the few fans of Bolton, overlooking his hair-trigger willingness to resort to military solutions because I was heartened by his adamant distrust of fundamental Islam. UPDATE:

CNN, Ukraine, Trump, the Bidens and the lie heard ’round the world

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Beware the media machine! That is the message of the past 24 hours. Ignore it at your own peril. We learned that CNN is run by a venal madman who is obsessed like Captain Ahab with harpooning his great white whale — in this case Donald Trump. Thanks to Project Veritas and an undercover whistleblower,

‘A Declaration of Due Process’: Trump fights back against the Swamp

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My column at Real Clear Politics today celebrates President Trump’s decision to put a roadblock in front of the runaway congressional impeachment train. If the Declaration of Independence was a rebuke against a reckless king who had abused his power, the letter written by White House Attorney Pat Cipollone to Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a

Great News: Shepard Smith out at Fox News (WATCH!)

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Shepard Smith, the embedded Fake News journalist at Fox News, did all conservatives a favor today when he announced he is leaving the cable news giant. No word yet on whether this was Smith’s reaction to being called out by prime-time star Tucker Carlson as a partisan, but it has grown increasingly uncomfortable for

It’s war — and it’s long overdue — but Trump didn’t start it!

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The New York Times put out a story yesterday that said “White House declares war on impeachment inquiry.” At first, I thought “Damn right! It’s about time!” But when I pondered it a little more, I realized that the Times as usual had it wrong. The White House wasn’t declaring war; it was just finally

FLASHBACK: Changing the rules on refugees …

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(Here’s a column I wrote for the Daily Inter Lake on April 10, 2016, about the influx of Syrian refugees under the Obama administration’s policy of giving the middle finger to middle America. It was candidate Donald Trump’s opposition to these kinds of policies that got him elected. Pay special attention to the words of

FLASHBACK: How Big Media tried to destroy one small Montana company

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(Here’s a column I wrote for the Daily Inter Lake on December 3, 2017, about the manufactured scandal that tried to destroy a small Montana company that showed ingenuity and courage in responding to the hurricanes in Puerto Rico. NOTE: this column is available in “Why We Needed Trump: Part 3: Trump’s American Vision.” Whitefish Energy

David and Nancy French prove that Never Trumpers are most sanctimonious people on the planet

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Most people won’t take the time to read the entire extensive length of Chris Buskirk’s column “Yes, Christians Can Support Trump Without Risk to Their Witness.” That’s a shame because they will miss out on some lovely score-settling with Never Trumper David French and his wife Nancy. Moreover, unless readers were prepared to traverse three

Julie Kelly’s brilliant take-down of the CANTs (Conservative-Attacking Never Trumpers)

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Not for the first time I am struck by the clear-thinking, hard-hitting political analysis of Julie Kelly at American Greatness. Her article “Call-Out Conservatives Join the Left’s Lynch Mob” is the best indictment of the non-Deplorable (although truly despicable) branch of conservatism for their cut-and-run strategy of abandoning their own wounded foot soldiers and leaving