Mueller takes another bite out of the Apple in his assault on liberty

Just when you thought the Big Brother police state couldn’t get any worse (just kidding!) along comes Robert Mueller to prove you wrong.

It’s bad enough when Special Counsel Mueller targets the president of the United States, but at least the president is a public official who, of course, must be held accountable for his actions.

But now Mueller has targeted Roger Stone, a private citizen who has an expectation of privacy regardless of his politics or his friendship with the president. We all know that Stone was arrested in a Gestapo-like raid two weeks ago, but now comes news that Mueller has obtained Stone’s iCloud passwords and data from Apple, the tech giant that recently promised (i.e., lied): “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone.”

As Jacob Engels at the Gateway Pundit points out, this is particularly infuriating because Apple refused in 2016 to give the feds access to the iPhone accounts of the San Bernardino terrorists because “it would set a dangerous precedent.”

Actually, turning over data from the phone of a terrorist-murderer to the FBI is a precedent I could get behind. Most of us support law enforcement’s efforts to protect our safety and security as a nation. But that is not what is happening with Roger Stone. Instead Apple is setting a precedent that it will bow to the government’s insidious assault on our political liberty and the First Amendment. Stone is accused of a thought crime, a political crime, not a crime against our safety and security. Apple is against Stone because he is for Trump — plain and simple.

No one is surprised to see Apple backing the police state tactics of Mueller any more than we are surprised to see Google helping China improve surveillance over its citizens. Big Tech is Big Brother. Forget it at your own peril.

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