BOOM! Kasie Hunt reveals blatant sexual bias with idiotic comment on MSNBC about women politicians

Last week, when I wrote a column for Real Clear Politics about Kasie Hunt’s outrageous statement that President Trump was “ready to wage a race war” in order to win re-election, I didn’t think she could sink any lower. I was wrong.

Her Fake News allegation against President Trump was simply a political grandstanding gesture that revealed her to be a crass political operative, nothing more. But what she said on “MTP Daily” to Chuck Todd on Wednesday revealed her not just to be a Democrat, but a woman devoid of any intellectual discernment or honesty.

In a discussion of Elizabeth Warren’s chances of obtaining the Democrat nomination for president, Hunt (who is NBC News’s Capitol Hill correspondent) dropped the bombshell announcement that Warren is a woman and therefore deserved not just the nomination, but to be elected president.

What is remarkable is that she did so on the basis of “character,” claiming that any woman is better than any man on the character issue. This came on the heels of a discussion of Hillary Clinton, who is one of the most character-flawed individuals ever to run for president. It also was argues in the context of Warren being known to have lied about being a Native American for decades in order to advance her career as a lawyer and academic.

Does that give Kasie Hunt any pause? Not in the slightest.

Here was the moment when Kasie Hunt jumped the shark and forever removed any doubt that she does not have the intellectual honesty or ability to be a journalist:

“Can I just say character-wise, let’s elect a woman! OK? This nonsense that have been coming from our male politicians of all parties. I’m tired of it. If you don’t want to worry about character, elect a woman. Please. Thank you,” Hunt told Todd.

Ugh! Someone please get this woman off the political beat of a major news network. She should be teaching women’s studies at some Ivy League university where her blatant bias against men would be appreciated. Do we really need to present her a list of women with character flaws, or can we just agree that women are not somehow magically exempted from human nature?

Take a look at the video yourself. Here’s my version I posted on YouTube. Skip to 3:20 on the video for the money statement from Hunt where she exposes herself as a blithering idiot:

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