When will Americans wake up and smell the stench of Biden corruption?

What is it going to take for the Democrats and the Media Matrix Mob to admit that Trump was right about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and the corruption in Ukraine?

Yes, that is a rhetorical question only, since we know nothing will dissuade the Democrats from pursuing their Impeachment Coup against President Trump. But what is it going to take for the American public to wake up and see the mountain of evidence in plain sight that the Bidens are corrupt and Trump was the whistleblower, not the crook.

Sadly, there is no guarantee that the public will ever see through the Matrix of lies and innuendo fed to them daily by the Media Mob. But for those of them who are willing to follow the breadcrumbs of honest reporting in the dark forest of lies, the truth is out there somewhere.

Today, we got a report from Reuters that throws considerable light on the corrupt Bidens by revealing A) that Hunter Biden was hired by Burisma as a publicity stunt and a shield against corruption probes and B) that Hunter Biden somehow was able to work on the board of directors of the Ukrainian energy company without ever having set foot in the Ukraine. Well, that at least explains how Hunter could earn that $50,000-plus monthly salary without any Ukrainian language skills or knowledge of the energy sector.

During his time on the board of one of Ukraine’s largest natural gas companies, Hunter Biden, the son of former U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden, was regarded as a helpful non-executive director with a powerful name, according to people familiar with Biden’s role at the company. …

Interviews with more than a dozen people, including executives and former prosecutors in Ukraine, paint a picture of a director who provided advice on legal issues, corporate finance and strategy during a five-year term on the board, which ended in April of this year.

Biden never visited Ukraine for company business during that time, according to three of the people. …

Oleksandr Onyshchenko, a businessman and former member of the Ukrainian parliament who knows the Burisma founder [Mykola Zlochevsky], said it had been Zlochevsky’s idea to appoint Biden as a director. “It was to protect (the company)” at a time when it was facing investigations, said Onyshchenko, who left the country in 2016.

Add this new information to all the other reports about the corrupt practices of Burisma, the corrupt use of power by Joe Biden to protect his son from investigation, and the CIA involvement in using Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine to foment a coup against Trump, and you must see that the usual Deep State game is underway — protect your friends and destroy your enemies. In case you wondered, Biden is (or was?) the chummy pal of the Deep State and Trump is its sworn enemy.

Yesterday we learned that a senior diplomat warned the State Department about the conflict of interest of Hunter Biden working for a suspect company in the Ukraine while dad Joe was in charge of US foreign policy in that same country.

How much more evidence do we need? Trump was right, Biden was wrong and the Democrats are covering up the corruption because all they want is Trump’s head on a platter. If Trump had kept quiet about what he knew, he would have been complicit in the corruption — just one more Deep State pawn — and then why the hell would we have needed him?

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It’s time to fight back, and let the chips fall where they may. We either rescue the country now or watch it sink forever into the Swamp.


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4 Replies to “When will Americans wake up and smell the stench of Biden corruption?”

    1. There were apparently some months at 83k and some for more and some for less. It would be interesting to know the basis of the sliding scale. If he were being paid a salary for being on the board , you would think it would be the same month to month. So what else was he being paid for?

  1. Hunter Biden got …’Something for Nothing’ ….

    Isn’t that all Dem. candidates entire campaign offer..??

    Something for Nothing ??


  2. One of the “rescuers” appears to be within the Democrat Party itself. This Clinton/Gabbard battle is offering truths that may have an even more corrosive effect on the Deep State than the Biden brouhaha.


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