Alex Vindman’s ‘me too’ moment — Trump forced himself on Ukraine

Out of respect for his military service, I was trying really hard to give the benefit of the doubt to Lt. Col. Alex Vindman, today’s star witness in the impeachment inquisition, but he is making it really hard.

His demeanor is more “Pajama Boy” than Patton, and his testimony is mostly about the emotional toll that working for Donald Trump took on him. It is also obvious that he is the main source of the Fake whistleblower’s testimony. His ability to turn a discussion about the Bidens and corruption into a “demand” for a political favor exactly mirrors what we heard from the Fake Whistleblower.

In response to questioning by Adam Schiff, Vindman explained why Trump’s request for a favor was really a demand. This was his “me too” moment when he told us about the power structure in the military and how “when a senior asks you to do something … it’s not to be taken as a request, it’s to be taken as an order.”

He went on:

“In this case, the power disparity between the two leaders, uh, my impression is that in order to get the White House meeting, President Zelensky would have to deliver the investigations.”

He also said it was “improper for the president to ‘demand’ an investigation into a political opponent.”

This is where the dark recesses if Vindman’s mind get really murky. Like Schiff he has established himself as a Lord Inquisitor. “The law is what we I say it is.” But he has also now turned the pleasant conversation between two world leaders into a rape scenario where Trump was forcing himself in Zelensky. Which makes the sham impeachment hearing uncomfortably close to the Kavanaugh Persecution Hearings of not too long ago.

Apparently Trump forced himself on Ukraine, and Vindman saw himself as the white knight who was saving Ukraine’s honor. Or maybe he was just a busybody “Pajama Boy” who should not have been in the room when two adult nations were engaged in adult behavior.

Get over it, Junior.

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2 Replies to “Alex Vindman’s ‘me too’ moment — Trump forced himself on Ukraine”

  1. Frank, I had the hearings on as I was getting ready for work but did I hear Vindman was a Russian? Wow, the irony of hearing RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA for 3 years now one of their stars is from Russia. Only the Dummyrats. Also are you going to see Donald Jr. when he comes? Lisa Meyer (from DIL)

    1. Yes he was born in the Ukraine, which was then part of the Soviet Union. Irony might be the correct word. Is Trump Jr. coming here? I heard he is going to Helena, and no I wouldn’t go there.

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