Anti-Trump witness Vindman seen as ‘leaker’ of questionable judgment

Former White House aide Tim Morrison, under questioning by GOP attorney Steve Castor, acknowledged that several White House employees had expressed concerns about the judgment of Lt. Col. Alex Vindman and worries that he was a leaker.

Vindman, who —absent the whistleblower — is the star witness of the Democrats’ sham impeachment hearing, comes across as a weasel. No wonder Adam Schiff likes him so much.

This is excellent questioning by Castor, and despite the objection of Morrison’s Attorney, the judgment of Vindman is of paramount importance. After all, Vindman’s judgment that President Trump had overstepped his legal authority is the basis of the entire impeachment scam.

We can safely assume that Vindman is the leaker who tipped off the putative whistleblower about the phone call between Trump and Ukraine’s President. Therefore, if Vindman has not been a leaker of questionable judgment, it is very likely none of this impeachment farce would have ever happened.

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