Jewish leader confronts Rashida Tlaib over anti-semitism, asks where is Schumer!

A remarkable segment on “Varney & Company” this morning. Dov Hikind, a former NY Democratic assemblyman, talked about confronting Rep. Rashida Tlaib over her blatant anti-semitism.

Hikind attended a Muslims for Peace event at Rutgers University in New Jersey when he challenged Tlaib about her hate-filled tweet falsely alleging that Jews had killed a Palestinian boy. He accused her rightly of a blood libel, the worst kind of anti-semitism that portrays the Jewish people as animals and child killers to provoke violence against them.

Hikind was thrown out of the meeting, but he certainly won’t be silenced. He asks “Where are the Chuck Schumers, where are the Nadlers, where are the Schiffs? … Imagine if a Republican had said the same thing? They would crucify the Republican!”

Varney asked Hikind why he is in the Democratic Party that supports anti-semitism.

“I’ve always been a Democrat,” Hikind explained. “The Democratic Party now is literally committing suicide, going over the cliff. I choose to speak as a Democrat because it hurts me terribly what’s going on in my party.”

Hikind said he is embarrassed by the “double standard in the Democratic Party — and by the way the media as well!”

“This was a blood libel by a member of Congress. Where is CNN? Where is MSNBC? Where is the New York Times? Where is the Washington Post? Nowhere to be found, and that is the tragedy”

I sense an opportunity here for Republicans to broaden their coalition once again. First there was gay hairdresser Brandon Straka and his Walk Away movement. Then there was Candace Owens and Blexit to lead black voters off the Democrat plantation. Hikind may ultimately be the voice that will lead an exodus of Jewish voters away from the Democrat Party that shelters anti-semites.

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There is much more to hear from Hikind in this illuminating interview with Stuart Varney, as well as video of Hikind being kicked out of the Tlaib event.


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