Debunking Mueller, Pelosi and Schiff lies about Roger Stone

When the Crypt Keeper Robert Mueller showed signs of life this weekend, it must have shocked everyone who watched his performance last July before the House Judiciary Committee.

As I wrote at that time, Mueller showed no evidence of being aware of his surroundings, let alone the facts of the Phony Russia Collusion case against Donald Trump and sundry others. What was truly shocking was that he didn’t even know what Fusion GPS was, even though it was the central player in launching the Russia Hoax with the phony Steele Dossier.

It is therefore impossible to believe that Mueller wrote the op-Ed published in his name in the Washington Post condemning President Trump’s commutation of the sentence of Roger Stone.

Stone, who was persecuted for his friendship with Trump, was convicted (as Mueller notes) but not justly. In fact the case against Stone began months after Mueller’s team realized there was no criminal contact between the Russians and Trump’s campaign.

Stone issued a rebuttal to The Gateway Pundit that demolished Mueller’s pack of lies:

Now mentally feeble and thoroughly discredited former Special Counsel Robert Mueller in an op-ed ghost written for him by Andrew Weissmann attempts to recycle the same old falsehood. His claim that my innocent and innocuous exchange with the persona of Guccifer 2.0 which I released publicly, was proof of collusion between the GRU and the Trump campaign is disproved by the timing and content of the exchange which took place after the release of DNC documents by Wikileaks . The exchange itself proves no collaboration or collusion. Mueller’s assertion that I claimed advance knowledge of the Wikileaks release of data is meaningless; Julian Assange had already announced that he had more material on Hillary Clinton and would release it.

In fact, Mueller justified my case being tried before Judge Amy Berman Jackson because he said evidence from the Russian hacking case would be introduced at my trial. No such evidence was introduced. Using forensic evidence and expert testimony I could have proved that was no on-line hack of the DNC servers by the Russians or anybody else but Judge Amy Berman Jackson prohibited it. Nor can Mueller prove that Guccifer 2.0 is a Russian Intelligence asset. Just because John Brennan says something does not make it true. If Mueller had any evidence that I was involved in working with the Russians to steal data and disseminate it (I wasn’t) why wasn’t I charged with it?

Stone also let the Democrats have it for their fake narrative that somehow Stone had been covering up for the president:

I must address the other faux line of attack of the Democrats, and their handmaidens in the corporate media. Those like Speaker Pelosi who make the baseless claim that my refusal to testify against the President means I covered up some act of wrong-doing by the President in return for commutation are purposely twisting what I have said repeatedly on the record. I refused to bear false witness against the President. I refused to let prosecutors compose false testimony regarding the content of multiple phone conversations with candidate Trump in 2016. I refused to lie despite intense legal and financial pressure to do so.

Of course, the Democrats will just keep lying — because, well, that’s what they do. Rep. Adam Schiff, the ringleader of the impeachment hoax told George Stephanopoulos more of the same lies on “This Week”:

“Let’s remember, George, that Roger Stone was the intermediary, he was the link between Donald Trump and Trump campaign and Russian intelligence, the same Russian intelligence unit that hacked Donald Trump’s opponent’s emails. He was the link with their cutout WikiLeaks as well, to which they published these.

“Donald Trump was desperate to get his hands on these e-mails. He urged the Russians to hack Hillary’s e-mails. He touted them when they did, over a hundred times in the campaign trail.

He thought they were central to his victory, and this — this effort to get and use foreign assistance is what Roger Stone had information on and he lied to cover up and protect the president.”

There was in fact no intermediary needed because, as Stone pointed out, Wikileaks was transparent about their intention to release material damaging to Hillary Clinton.

But more importantly, Schiff is still repeating the lie that “Donald Trump was desperate to get his hands on these e-mails. He urged the Russians to hack Hillary’s e-mails. He touted them when they did…”

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Bullshit. Trump made a joke once at a press conference that if the Russians had Hillary Clinton’s missing emails — the ones she deleted illegally from her illegal server after being served a subpoena — they would be rewarded by the media for turning them over. He never encouraged the Russians to hack them. By that time, the emails didn’t even exist and the server was long since disconnected. Therefore the emails were never hacked by the Russians and never released by them, nor did Trump tout the Russians for providing the emails since it never happened.

The only hacks here are Mueller and Schiff, with Pelosi thrown in for good measure.


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