GOP needs to boycott Chris Wallace! When will they learn?

When will Republicans learn that there is no point in appearing on Fox News with biased swamp-loving journalists like Chris Wallace, Leland Vittert and Neil Cavuto? (Click on the links to see my previous calls for them to be fired.)

Don’t give credibility to these left-wing hacks. Unfortunately, the siren song of free publicity keeps drawing GOP politicians to the same rocky shoals they crashed on the last hundred times.

The latest case is President Trump’s hourlong interview with Wallace that is airing tomorrow on “Fox News Sunday.” As everyone now knows, Wallace challenged the president’s assertion that Democrat Joe Biden supports defunding the police.

Look, everyone knows Biden is a weak-kneed puppet of the radical left who will do whatever he is told. Of course, Biden will try to defund the police — because to Democrat voters the police are now the enemy.

Biden is not going to come right out and use the phrase “defund the police,” but Trump is right to hold Biden’s feet to the fire over his association with Black Lives Matter and other radical organizations on the left.

When Wallace says Biden doesn’t want to defund the police, he is just doing the bidding of the Democrats, who don’t want to talk about their plan. (Echoes of the Obamacare lie: “If you like your police, you can keep your police.”)

Trump unfortunately tried to respond to Wallace by pointing to a specific anti-police document Biden had signed, but the words defund the police were not in it. That doesn’t mean Biden is pro-police.

In fact, Biden has indeed called for defunding the police. As Fox News itself reported just last week, “Biden says some funding should ‘absolutely’ be redirected from police.” Here’s a quote from Fox News:

In a “Now This” interview with activist Ady Barkan, the presumptive Democratic nominee said that police forces don’t need surplus military equipment, saying this is what leads them to “become the enemy” in a community.

“But do we agree that we can redirect some of the [police] funding?” Barkan asked Biden.

“Yes, absolutely,” said the former vice president.

So all I have to say to Chris Wallace is: “Fact check that, you arrogant buffoon!”

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Just as there is no point in a Republican appearing on CNN or MSNBC, there is also no reason to let a Never Trumper at Fox News score points with the “woke” mob by walking into their predictable ambush.

Fake News only plays by one rule: Destroy conservatives!

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    3 Replies to “GOP needs to boycott Chris Wallace! When will they learn?”

    1. Well, in my opinion, if Biden were not going to de-fund the police, then the National police union would have given Biden their endorsement, wouldn’t one think? RLS

    2. Well said, Mr. Miele!! Defund is pretty obvious. But Chris Wallace COULDN’T wait to interrupt President Trump with his “excuse me sir, that’s not true…. vice president Biden never said he would defund the police.” Taking money away from the police, however you word it, is DEFUNDING them!!


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