Maybe Montana really has gotten wise to Steve Bullock! New poll has Daines up by 6!

It was just a couple days ago when I was writing about Montana Gov. Steve Bullock’s horrible week, but speculating that nothing could derail Bullock in his bid to unseat freshman Sen. Steve Daines.

Honestly, there is no good reason why Bullock was elected governor in the first place, nor especially why he was re-elected. Montanans just seem to give a green light to this far-left shill for Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Maybe it’s his personality? Oh wait, he doesn’t have one!

But today a new Emerson Poll was released that has Daines up by six points over Bullock among likely registered voters. This is a sizable shift from a PPP poll from early July that had Bullock up by two. (PPP is a Democrat polling firm so it tends to skew left.)

In addition, the new poll also showed a Republican Greg Gianforte up by nine points over Democrat Mike Cooney, and President Trump holding an 11 point lead over Joe Biden.

Keep your fingers crossed, and tell your friends — only a jackass votes Democrat!


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6 Replies to “Maybe Montana really has gotten wise to Steve Bullock! New poll has Daines up by 6!”

  1. Frank,
    I hope you will immediately address the issue of Governor Bullock’s alleged threats against broadcasters. It is now more than three-days old and nobody seems to want to weigh in on it. As a reporter, your job would be to quiz Broadcast owners and managers. How are they going to react? What do broadcast pundits say? What do their lawyers say? What does the NAB say? What does the MAB say? Why is everybody so quiet? Why has the Department of Political Practices not said a thing?

    The DPP tends to be a Democrat institution and invariably stands up for the Democrat. Anything it says right now will be jumped on by most of the legislature.

    What does Will Deschamps have to say? He’s one of the big experts on this and he is a Republican.
    This is a bumpin’, jumpin’ issue and if you are the first journalist to address it, you will be touching on national importance. Go get ’em, Kid.


        As I recall, many political candidates typically launch into hyperbole and often fall off the straight and narrow. However, in this case, it may be worth a close look at the entire issue. The claims in the ad may be true. While a legal battle will address whether or not the governor can threaten the people of media, it will be more difficult for the originators of the ad to get the spotlight and defend the validity of the claims (at least it will be without your help).

        I have been out of journalism too long to know for sure but I think this takes us all the way back to the J. F. Kennedy campaign when honesty was questioned constantly. The problem was that new challenges kept coming up so fast that lawyers did not know where to start. By the time the campaigns were over, it was not worth the bother. Lying had become a given. Granted that candidates are given a lot of leeway with the truth, the governor’s threats are worth nothing unless the broadcasters are intimidated. Today’s lawyers specialize in intimidation.

        Just for fun, consider another angle of falsehood in political advertising; That is reverse hyperbole. In this you take a stance of seeming to defend a candidate who does not need your defense as in, ” Our team is almost sure that Senator Joe Bloh does not eat babies. We talked with people who live in the same city and most denied that the Senator would not eat even one baby. Mary bell Johnson says,’I’ve never seen him eat a baby.'”

    1. Ok I found the letter from Bullock. Studying it now, but it’s not unusual for politicians to make such demands. I’ve never seen the ad in question.

  2. And another thing. . . Here’s the way we are sniping at the running Democrats today;

    Dear Democrat;

    You have so frequently expressed such deep hate against so many that, in practical terms, there are no votes left for you to win over. Please rethink your methods.

    Frank, I hope this is of use to you.

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