Law prof Turley: Antifa is dangerous threat to free speech

Here’s one more significant clip from Tuesday’s Senate hearing on the danger of Antifa.

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley gave testimony before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution Aug. 4, 2020. But unlike Andy Ngo, who focused on the threat to public safety, Turley looked at a hidden danger.

Turley laid out exactly why Antifa is a grave threat to free speech and thus to the fundamental rights we have as Americans. He also tied Antifa to the Soviet-style restrictions on speech that prevail in academia.

“Many of us on campuses have been dealing with Antifa for years, and Antifa is winning,” he warned the committee. “I’ve been teaching for 30 years; I have never seen the level of fear and intimidation on campuses that we see today.”

He also issued a warning to the Democrat senators on the panel who appeared to be making excuses for Antifa.

“For people that think Antifa and groups like it can be allies, they don’t know antifa. Those of us that have been teaching on campuses can tell you about these groups,” he said. “I’m watching my profession, the teaching profession, die with free speech.”

Ted Cruz deserves credit for holding this hearing and for calling out Democrats for their tacit support of Antifa.


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4 Replies to “Law prof Turley: Antifa is dangerous threat to free speech”

  1. A recent report from American People Daily said the names of the two women who bashed and beat up senator Tim Carpenter were a physical therapist and a social worker. Kerida O’Reilly and Samantha Hamer. In what world could these two white women have so much anger and hate that they could kick and bash another human? What kind of world produced these sociopathic hoodlums and gave them titles such as physical therapist and social worker when they are so depraved? Where did they come from? What type of home? Where were they spawned? More importantly, and I wish Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, and all the king’s men would find out the source of antifas money. They destroyed Minneapolis and they, along with blm, inc., should be sued to pay back the city. THEY HAVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Democrats and liberal media can research Trump’s finances and speculate about whether or not he will leave office if defeated; they make up stories and accuse him of lying and the Republican lawmakers sit there and take it. An investigation here, an investigation there, and their promises all go away. The Republicans should “do unto the Dems what the dems do unto them.” Investigate, dox, research whose campaign is funded by Soros and other anarchists. Can someone light a fire under the Republicans to start fighting the despicable Mazy hirono and Tlaib creature? Their go-to rants consist of lies and vulgarity. Particularly funny and sad that these crude and unrefined women, Tlaib has a disgusting vocabulary for example, have bemoaned how Trump does not dignify the office of the President. I disagree. His honesty and integrity is superior to the lies, misconceptions, vanity, and maliciousness that people like Schiff and swallwell spew every day so that they can keep all the bounty that goes with their FABULOUS congressional offices and the power they love so much. Add the toadying they have come to expect and the magnificent high falutin’ perks the American people pay for, they will fight with their last lie to keep it all. Please put a request, or a demand, to your colleagues to follow the money and see how many democrat politicians have been bought with the same money that pays for the fascist organization known as Antifa. To let James Clayburn, Pelosi, Sandy Cortez or anyone else use the word Nazi, stormtroopers, and fascists to describe law and order is to let them get away with this horror for too long. Somebody stop the Dems from calling law and order fascism when we have experienced the fascist groups of Antifa and BLM, inc., for longer than any country like ours should have. Protests? Right to protest? We all know the difference. This is Antifa fascist group and BLM, inc., holding this country hostage. Because, apparently, they can. If the liberal media demands law and order, the Antifa and BLM, inc., will disappear. But their viciousness fills air time in a 24/7 news cycle. Republicans can’t find anything malicious on Nancy Pelosi or hirono like the Democrats can? They love to fall back on campaign finance issues, but the Dems cover their tracks better like Omar and Sandy cortez.
    Their problems with campaign finance disappeared. Republicans? Sitting ducks.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921 (without power or cable)

  2. Thanks to Mr. Miele and Heartland Diary USA, I feel that topics that give me anxiety are being addressed. Just a few of those stories include (1) Jonathan Turley and his appearance in D.C., to discuss the growth of fascist groups in America, (2) the issue of censorship as we have all seen happen when teeny bopper digital overseers for Twitter dismiss and delete people whose thoughts they don’t agree with such as James Woods, Pete Hegseth, Donald Trump, jr., and others, by chastizing, reprimanding, and censoring their thoughts, (3) one of my favorite stories involves the ego, arrogance and narcissism of Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vittmer and his collosal overreach by colluding with Adam Schiff and the leaker, Eric Ciaramella, (4) Sandy Cortez and her need for fame, (5) Adam Schiff and his need to see Russians under his bed and all over the District of Columbia. He is showing signs of stress, as in the paranoid kind of stress, but I hesitate to diagnose anyone. Knowing others are as interested in seeing these stories get justice makes my day better.
    Thank you.
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ (still no power from the Isais storm, which means no TV or cable!! But I am lucky I still get Heartland Diary USA!!!)

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