LOL: Two Never Trumpers (and former Biden intern!) named as presidential debate moderators

OMG! The Commission on Presidential Debates just exposed themselves as partisan hacks with their choice of moderators.

Never Trumper Chris Wallace of “Fox News Sunday” will moderate the first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on Sept. 29. The commission has picked Wallace as window dressing to buttress their supposedly non-partisan role. Because Wallace works for the supposedly conservative Fox News, then all us conservatives are supposed to buy into the idea that the debates will be fair and balanced.

Forget about it! I’ve been writing about Wallace’s far-left, pro-establishment agenda for years. He was born in the Swamp and he will die in the Swamp. Here’s a video in which Wallace tries to sell the Adam Schiff smear against President Trump as Putin’s puppet:

You can also read reports about his attacks on Steven Miller, Kayleigh McEnany and President Trump himself. As I wrote in May, “What will it take to get Chris Wallace fired?”

The moderator for the third debate is even worse! NBC’s Kristen Welker is one of the new generation of Fake Journalists who don’t even think they have to hide their bias. You can read my post from March 19, 2020, about President Trump calling her out when she tried to ambush him early in the Covid-19 crisis. Here’s the video:

The moderator of the second debate at first blush sounded like a good choice. Steve Scully of C-SPAN could provide an actual neutral platform to let the candidates debate and answer questions without the moderator trying to become the center of attention by “fact-checking” Trump and propping up Sleepy Joe! That’s the reputation of C-SPAN at least, but The Gateway Pundit looked up Scully’s Wikipedia post and found out that he is a former Biden intern! How convenient!

The vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris could go either way. USA Today’s Washington Bureau Chief, Susan Page, has been picked to handle that one. I have a sneaking suspicion she is a Never Trumper, but the fact that I can’t swear it means she is doing a better job than some of these Fake News celebrities of actually doing her job. Sadly she is also the biographer of Never Trumper Barbara Bush, so she may be tainted.

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Well, it is too damn bad we need moderators at all. I’d like to see a political cage fight where Trump and Biden go head to head and try to strip each other of their political pretensions until we see the real candidate.

Oh wait, when you strip Biden of his political pretensions, there’s nothing left!


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One Reply to “LOL: Two Never Trumpers (and former Biden intern!) named as presidential debate moderators”

  1. You are right about all the moderators. Susan Page is trickier than the others because, as you said, you can’t tell for sure how she will conduct herself. Chris Wallace is a snake and willing to smear Trump with Schiff’s lies.

    I predict that at the “candidate’s” debate, he will happily interrupt the President, as he usually does, and I expect to hear him say, “Excuse me, Mr. President, but that’s not true.” Poor Chris wants to be Mike so badly he tries anything to stand out. We can only pray that he doesn’t become Candy Crowley. I think the Scully kid will be ok. I’ve seen him on C-SPAN and he seems to be rational. Basically, that’s all the viewers want. Rational.

    Joe Morrisco

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