Oops! Radical Democrat Bullock admits he’s OK with packing court!

Steve Bullock may think he is still running for president in the far-left Democratic primary. That’s the only reason I can think of for his boneheaded admission Saturday that court packing is “just all right with him” — to quote an old song.

Bullock, the far-left Dem governor of center-right Montana, is actually running for Senate against center-right Republican senator Steve Daines. But back when he was running in the Democrat presidential primary, Bullock got used to showing his real spots to voters — pro gun control, pro abortion, pro Pelosi, pro Schumer and now pro court packing!


Saturday night, in a debate in Helena, Bullock shocked everyone by saying he was open to adding justices to the Supreme Court to punish Republicans. As Pelosi and Schumer say, “nothing is off the table.” But you aren’t supposed to say so if you are running in a tight election. Even Joe Biden knows his handlers told him not to answer questions about court packing, even if he’s not sure why!

Fake moderate Bullock forgot that he is supposed to be presenting the image of working across the aisle with Republicans, and instead attacked them for working to get Amy Coney Barrett confirmed for the high court.

“They [Republicans] have been trying to politicize the court every step of the way, and we have to figure out the ways to make it less political,” Bullock said in a reversal of reality. “That’s anything from a judicial standards commission, or we’ll look at any other thing that might be suggested, including adding justices.”

Everyone else who has looked at it says that packing the court is the most blatant form of politicization of the court possible.

Daines couldn’t believe the gift that Bullock had just handed him!

“Steve Bullock just said he’s open to packing the courts,” said Daines. That’s a yes. I don’t think we should pack the court. If you want to politicize the court, for heaven’s sake, you pack ’em.”

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“Even Joe Biden won’t answer that question right now,” Daines said to emphasize just how radical Bullock is. “Steve Bullock just said he’s willing to pack the court. “That should be a chilling, profound moment that has not happened for generations. It’s never been packed.”

Daines, who was already leading in recent polls, then brought the point home by reminding voters what a Democrat-packed court would mean.

“Montanans, that’s a threat to our Second Amendment and our very liberty and freedoms that we so cherish and want to have protected in our great state of Montana.”

Suddenly, Chuck Schumer doesn’t look so smart for twisting Bullock’s arm to make him run for Senate.


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  1. Just shows the inability to think for themselves. Tester and Bullock BOTH gotta follow Dems party line and support that which is wrong, unethical , un and non-constitutional.

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