AG Bill Barr officially joins the Deep State — says there was no voter fraud!

Attorney General Bill Barr just told the Associated Press that the Justice Department has “not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election.”

In other words, Bill Barr has chosen the Deep State over the Constitution!

Oh brother! Well now we don’t have to wonder why John Durham hasn’t indicted anyone for Obamagate. (See last paragraph for Durham update.)

According to the AP, “Barr said U.S. attorneys and FBI agents have been working to follow up specific complaints and information they’ve received, but they’ve uncovered no evidence that would change the outcome of the election.”

They don’t need to uncover it! It’s in plain sight — from early morning vote drops for Joe Biden to harassment of Republican poll watchers to credible doubts about the legitimacy of the Dominion Voting Systems software.

Of course, just giving an interview to the Associated Press in the first place suggests that Barr has no interest in the truth. Listen, for instance, to the biased reporting in the story about Barr today:

“Attorney Sidney Powell has spun fictional tales of election systems flipping votes, German servers storing U.S. voting information and election software created in Venezuela ‘at the direction of Hugo Chavez,’ – the late Venezuelan president who died in 2013. Powell has since been removed from the legal team after an interview she gave where she threatened to ‘blow up’ Georgia with a ‘biblical’ court filing.”

What horrible Fake News! “Spun fictional tales”? That suggests Powell made up the stories. She didn’t. That means they are not fiction, and just because the AP refuses to look at the evidence does NOT make it go away! Then there is the snide remark about Chavez dying in 2013, as if that proves Powell is a liar. Everyone knows when Chavez died, but that doesn’t change his relationship to the Smartmatic voting system he helped create years before his death! This is really infuriating.

Then there is the slur against Powell where the AP implies that she is discredited because she was “removed” from the President’s legal team. Actually, a statement was released saying that Powell was not a member of Trump’s legal team, but that was to clarify that she had NEVER been a member of that team. Therefore she could not have been “removed.”

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Anyway, the AP suggests Barr has dismissed the allegations raised by Powell, but for all we know, the FBI never even did any real investigation. Here’s all we get from the AP and Barr:

“Barr didn’t name Powell specifically but said: ‘There’s been one assertion that would be systemic fraud and that would be the claim that machines were programmed essentially to skew the election results. And the DHS and DOJ have looked into that, and so far, we haven’t seen anything to substantiate that,’ Barr said.”

Yeah OK. But the Justice Department apparently also can’t substantiate the fact that Jim Comey, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe and James Clapper are all traitors who ran a coup against President Trump. Which means the Justice Department is worthless.

Hopefully the president will do to Barr what he did to Chris Krebs, the cybersecurity official who claimed the 2020 election was the “most secure” in history — FIRE HIS ASS!

(Update: it was just announced that Barr has appointed Durham as a special counsel to give him the ability to continue his probe of Obamagate despite the results of the election. What do I make of that? Simple. Window dressing. Barr covering his own ass. Deep State head fake!)


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2 Replies to “AG Bill Barr officially joins the Deep State — says there was no voter fraud!”

  1. I don’t know if you will recieve this, but I hoped you would pick this up again. Bill Barr is the Benidecct Arnold of the 21st century. I wouls say he makes Liz Cheney look like Mother Theresia.He single handedly over threwe the President of the Uniterd states by not allowing any investigation of the blaintent fraud and never to be questioned by the right. He supposedly was incharge of the most corrupt FBI and DOJ in our country’s history. When Biden didn’t Replace Chris Ray (selercted by Barr) it says everything you need to know about the corrupt Barr. He had to have known about Hillary and the Russia hoax as well as the laptop coverup. Barr was’nt working for the President he was suppose to be working for the American People. I have as much trust for him as I doo Rod Rosenstien. He also has Barr written all over him. After he smuggly testified to the Jan. 6th committee, I think it about time he was exposed.

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