McCarthy must punish fake Republicans Cheney and Kinzinger

It’s official. Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi has appointed GOP traitor Adam Kinzinger of Illinois to the sham investigation of the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion.

Kinzinger joins fellow Trump hater Liz Cheney as the token Republicans on the committee. Pelosi previously rejected two of Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s nominees to the committee, leading McCarthy to withdraw all five of his appointees.

It is obvious that Pelosi only wants a panel that will rubber stamp the communist version of history, and Cheney and Kinzinger are useful idiots who will happily lie about Trump in order to gain power.

McCarthy can’t let that happen, and he is left with no choice now but to remove Cheney and Kinzinger from the Republican caucus and to strip them of committee assignments. If they want to work for Pelosi, let them get all their assignments from her.

There is absolutely no reason why the Republican Party should provide these two stooges with any kind of platform to spread their lies.

Come on, McCarthy! Prove that Pelosi isn’t the only congressional leader with balls. Put Cheney and Kinzinger in their place — deep in the Democratic swamp.


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2 Replies to “McCarthy must punish fake Republicans Cheney and Kinzinger”

  1. The Republican party needs more members who won’t cave to the democrat party and who aren’t afraid of what CNN or the New York Times will say about them. No one pays any attention to CNN or the New York Times anyway.

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