Wyoming GOP kicks out Cheney; when will McCarthy follow suit?

Gateway Pundit reports that the Wyoming Republican Party Central Committee voted on Saturday to no longer recognize Rep. Liz Cheney as a Republican.

Thank God! But it should be noted that the vote was 31-29, which means that the measure passed by only one vote! So all is not entirely well in Wyoming. What were those 29 GOP leaders thinking?

As a Gateway Pundit points out, “Everything Liz Cheney has done in the last year has benefitted the Democrat party.”

Cheney declared war on Trump and voted with the Democrats in favor of the sham impeachment against the former president.

Liz Cheney is now the vice chair of Pelosi’s January 6 committee where she harasses and hunts down Trump officials 24/7.

On the same day a grand jury indicted Steve Bannon last week, Reps Cheney and Bennie Thompson threatened criminal charges on Trump’s former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows after he failed to appear before their sham January 6 Committee.

Thank you, Gateway Pundit! And thank you 31 members of the Wyoming GOP Central Committee who don’t support giving aid and comfort to Pelosi and Biden!

Now the question is when with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy grow a pair and kick traitor Cheney (and Adam Kinzinger) out of the Republican conference?

Either Cheney goes now — or McCarthy goes later! No more fake Republicans!


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