SCOTUS victory caps one of Trump’s best weeks ever!

Who knew that the Supreme Court would wake from its summer slumber to come to the aid of their country, but that’s just what happened on Friday afternoon.

Five justices of the court said the Trump administration can go ahead and start spending $2.5 billion in Defense Dept. funds to build part of the southern border wall.

A lower court had placed an injunction on the work, saying it needed to be halted while the case was being adjudicated. Since the funding was authorized by President Trump as part of an EMERGENCY declaration, this slowdown never made sense except as a leftist “resistance” operation.

Usually such a reversal by the high court signals its belief in which side will ultimately prevail. That seems to be the case here, as seen in the language of the brief order:

“The government has made a sufficient showing at this stage that the plaintiffs have no cause of action to obtain review of the Acting Secretary’s compliance with Section 8005,” the court said.


The president recognized the importance of this victory on Twitter, saying “Big VICTORY on the Wall. The United States Supreme Court overturns lower court injunction, allows Southern Border Wall to proceed. Big WIN for Border Security and the Rule of Law!”

Absolutely. Now let’s hope that the administration acts with alacrity to spend the money and build the wall. No time to waste before the duplicitous Dems come up with another scheme to stymie border protection.

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Friday was a huge day for Trump on top of a great week. As I wrote yesterday, the president had a huge victory when Guatemala joined his team in agreeing to help us fight illegal immigration.

This came in the wake of the Democrats putting a stake through the heart of their own impeachment monster Wednesday when Bob Mueller testified to his own incompetence (here and here and here and especially here).

Oh yes, the Democrats will keep carrying impeachment around like those fun-loving teenagers in “Weekend at Bernie’s” carrying around a corpse, but it’s just a matter of time before Attorney General Bill Barr and the Justice Department bury the Democrats with a mountain of evidence of conspiracy and corruption and attempted coup plotting.

Meanwhile, the stock market is setting records, the economy is rolling along, and the president’s poll numbers are as high as ever. Oh yes, and the Squad started withering under intense public scrutiny initiated by President Trump’s tweets.


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