Steve Castor is the GOP’s Lt. Columbo; Dems better lawyer up

The Republicans’ lead attorney in the Sham Impeachment Hearing is Steve Castor, a longtime congressional investigator.

First impression was that Castor was over his head. He looked a bit hesitant in questioning and had kind of a frumpy look like, you know, he had bought his suit off the rack at JC Penney. I’d never seen it heard of him before, but he seemed vaguely familiar.

I was a bit worried, but about five minutes later as Castor was getting into the heart of his questioning of Ambassador Bill Taylor and State Department flunky George Kent, I realized that I knew why Castor seemed familiar. His disarmingly casual approach had a well-known precedent, Columbo, the bumbling detective played by Peter Falk for many years. People laughed at Columbo because of his unpressed suits, his rambling questions, and his seeming foolishness.

But the thing about Lt. Columbo is that he had this knack to get people to talk freely, and ultimately to incriminate themselves. Taylor and Kent are not guilty of a crime, just of having a very high opinion of themselves.

The important thing that Castor did was start to bring Hunter Biden and Burisma into the hearing. The way he framed the questions began to establish the defense that President Trump was entirely justified in asking the new president of Ukraine to investigate corruption under previous regimes.

In particular, he got George Kent to acknowledge that Ukraine was a corruption cesspool and that Hunter Biden’s boss at Burisma was a criminal oligarch. Of course, they didn’t admit that Trump was right to go after that corruption, but I think the American people will get it.

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2 Replies to “Steve Castor is the GOP’s Lt. Columbo; Dems better lawyer up”

  1. WOW..Thanks for the Memory
    ” Columbo”
    Watched it religeously ..
    The best Investigators/.Interviewers /LEO and Attys utilize this technique on purpose .
    Why !! Cause it works…… Better then ‘good cop’–. .bad cop. routine..
    Disarms ( no pun) people from the git go ….
    Use it regularly as retired LEO and P.I.
    Good schtick for raising kids also ??

    Mr, Miele that was a very good observation .
    Worked in my day .Works today.!!!!…Life imitating Art ??
    Mont. Terr.

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