Surprise! CNN fawns over Yovanovitch for her anti-Trump testimony

I guess when I decided to watch the Sham Impeachment Hearing on CNN, I should have known I would have to suffer through complete idiocy.

But I was completely unprepared for Wolf Blitzer’s high praise of Ambassador Yovanovitch’s testimony. But that was just the beginning as his panel told us how remarkable this disloyal woman is!

“Remarkably poised, remarkably credible,” says John King.

Yuck! They are falling all over themselves to suck up to the “interagency” aka the Deep State. Do we really take at face value anything this woman says?

Then one of the panelists claims that President Trump is “witness tampering” because he tweeted out about Yovanovitch while she was testifying. John Dean goes so far as to say that Trump’s tweet was “criminal.”

But she would not have known about that tweet except for the fact that Democrat Schiff read it to her. If anyone was tampering with the witness, it was Schiff, who was obviously trying to poison Yovanovitch against Trump (as if that was necessary!).

These people are morons!

Hopefully the Republicans are prepared with evidence to undermine her anti-Trump narrative. Or are we just supposed to accept her word as gospel truth?

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