Yovanovitch is a Deep State toady who never intended to follow Trump’s orders

Did Ambassador Yovanovitch just admit in her opening statement that she served the “interagency” and not the president?

Sure sounded like it to me!

Whose policy does she think she represents as ambassador? There is no way that US policy can be undermined by carrying out the president’s wishes.

Please dear God, let the Republicans expose this dangerous woman as an agent of the Deep State!

Worst of all was when she wrapped herself not just in the flag, but in the body bag with Ambassador Chris Stevens who was murdered in Benghazi because of Democratic duplicity. Her defense seems to be that ambassadors can do no wrong because they are public servants. Tell that to all the public servants in jail for corruption and deceit.



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One Reply to “Yovanovitch is a Deep State toady who never intended to follow Trump’s orders”

  1. I didn’t want the Republicans to go after that woman, Ms. Yovanovitch, because it would have made her more sympathetic, but I’m glad Trump tweeted about how the new President of Ukraine believed her loyalties were with the former president of Ukraine. That was BIG. I believe one of the key points was the level of her lack of loyalty to the new president, and certainly her lack of loyalty to President Trump. It is not a smear campaign if the ambassador’s badmouthing of President Trump finally got back to him. Or her lack of defending him from foreign snide remarks, or remarks undermining the President’s office. That’s not a smear campaign, it is a “job evaluation” everyone gets. And “thank you for your service”? An ambassador is one of the cushiest jobs in the world where people are bowing and scraping to you, staff is assigned to you to make your life comfortable and luxurious. I would have been upset to be forced out of this job, too. Going back to ordinary life without staff? Nobody to make sure your every whim is answered and every wish fulfilled?? I’d be heartbroken, too!!! And then there is Ambassador Christopher Stephens.
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

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