Andy Ngo roughed up by the online thought police; who’s next?

Didn’t Twitter recently announce that it was getting out of politics? Oh wait, that was just political advertising.

Turns out that Twitter is still into politics — bigly! And virulently against conservatives, Republicans, Trump, Christians, anyone to the right of FDR.

The latest victim of the Twitter thought police was Andy Ngo, the brave journalist who has been relentless in outing the fascist tactics of the black shirt Antifa radicals. He got a black eye and a brain bleed in Portland after being mugged by Antifa thugs. Now he’s been roughed up online by the goons at Twitter.

Ngo was suspended by the social media giant for daring to challenge liberal orthodoxy regarding trans victimhood. It probably didn’t help that he exposed Democratic darling Chelsea Clinton for spreading falsehoods and distortions.

In libel trials, the truth is an ironclad defense. In Twitter suspensions, not so much.

Here’s what Clinton had posted on her account:

In case you are out of the loop like me, TDoR is shorthand for Transgender Day of Remembrance. Ngo posted an entirely factual response with no snark, and got booted for his trouble. So much for being civil! Here’s a screenshot of NGO’s banned tweet:

Twitter claimed that Ngo’s tweet was an instance of “hateful conduct.” That’s their catch-all phrase for “being conservative in public.”

If you are comfortable with the public square being reserved only for liberal talking points, then this will be great news for you. But if you think that the way we get to the truth is by a free exchange of ideas, then you should be afraid.

Brilliant people like James Woods have been banned from Twitter because they won’t toe the liberal line. Other people like me who promote conservative values are shadow banned by Twitter to limit who sees our tweets. I’ve also been banned directly on Twitter for posting a tweet that compared Robert Mueller to a horror movie villain that just won’t die.

Of course it’s not just Twitter that aims to restrict conservatives as my recent suspension from Facebook demonstrated. I’ve recommended that people check out Parler for a platform that values free speech, but it unfortunately doesn’t have near the reach of Twitter or Facebook.

And in case you didn’t figure it out, the reason Twitter banned political advertising is because it provided a way for conservatives and Republicans to have a level playing field with Democrats and socialists. You pay your money and you say your piece.

Not anymore. Now the only way to get your message out on Twitter is to pass muster with the thought police of the Far Left.


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