Rising GOP star Elise Stefanik gets revenge on ‘Captain Queeg’ Schiff

Democrat Chairman Adam Schiff should have thought twice before he tried to shut up Rep. Elise Stefanik at the Sham Impeachment Hearings with his impression of the petty tyrant Captain Queeg.

Comrade Schiff had previously refused to recognize Stefanik in a fit of pique and tyrannical micro-managing. He also had repeatedly shut down Republicans over minor time infractions.

Stefanik got her revenge by reading into the record multiple quotes where Schiff promised that the Ukraine “whistleblower” would testify about his complaint against the president. Schiff never delivered, and now you can’t even say who the whistleblower is!

Stefanik was terrific in holding Schiff’s feet to the fire. She is a rising Republican star, and Schiff made a serious miscalculation when he tried to “man” handle her.

Here was what it looked like earlier when Schiff refused to recognize Stefanik for questioning of Yovanovich:

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2 Replies to “Rising GOP star Elise Stefanik gets revenge on ‘Captain Queeg’ Schiff”

  1. The uproar would have been explosive if Representatives Nunes had simply “asked” a liberal ‘freshman’ congresswoman to merely wait her turn, but Schiff gets away with manhandling Elise Stefanik?? Yelling at her? Cracking the gavel at her? The grandstanding the Cortez girl and the Omar girl go through to pose for the cameras is typical of these inexperienced fame seekers, but Ms. Stefanik never performed for the cameras the way the liberal girls do. It’s tiring, isn’t it, to continually point out the horrible double standard, bit where are the “Womens’ Groups” to defend Ms. Stefsnik’s honor? They are liars who lie, because none of them will defend a conservative woman more than they will defend pedophiles and Burisma bribing crime family. Sinful.
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

  2. “NEVER underestimate the power of a woman scorned”! No matter how long it takes, women like Elise, whether liberal or conservative, who have the guts to stick it out, will sooner or later be vindicated and justice will be Oh So Sweet. I’m glad Elise’s time came sooner than later. Strong, righteous women of today no longer wilt from being “shushed and silenced” like noisy children at a party. Bless them and the strong men who support them. Watch out world!

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