Schiff is the Captain Queeg of ‘The Trump Mutiny’

I’ve resisted comparing Adam Schiff to Captain Queeg until now, out of respect for the memory of the fictional Naval Captain.

But Schiff just demonstrated his utter pettiness for a fellow member of Congress in such a way that the only parallel that comes to mind is cowardly Captain Queeg (“0ld Yellow Stain”) and his Stalinesque demand for obedience (and missing strawberries!).

As Ranking Member Devin Nunes yielded part of his time to Rep. Elise Stefanik to ask a few questions of Ambassador Yovanovitch. Schiff threw a fit and refused to allow Stefanik to proceed.

Stefanik tried to shame Schiff into allowing her to talk by pointing out that he had repeatedly interrupted her in the first two days of the Sham Impeachment Hearings, but it turned out Schiff has no shame.

He just banged his big fat gavel and told her, in so many words, to shut up. In other words, he “man” handled her.

It was an ugly moment, and demonstrated once again that Schiff is at heart an authoritarian fascist who is not seeking the truth but rather the overthrow of a President. Let’s call it “The Trump Mutiny.”

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One Reply to “Schiff is the Captain Queeg of ‘The Trump Mutiny’”

  1. Not sure the word ‘Frustrating” expresses my full sentiment …
    I guess we can only hope that NON-PARTISAN thinking by the American people as a whole will demo that
    this really involves OBSTRUCTION to keep a lid on things .. .
    It is ,however, actually Revealing…
    When various ‘points of view’ can be as expressed as legitimate questions but those questions are
    subdued ,does it not beg the question as to ‘what do they have to hide ?
    In this inquisition ,um, inquiry (there word) isnt light sposed to be shed ?
    I guess I should research and learn the final end RE;Capt. Queeg ??
    I dont recall but , I bet it wasnt good ??
    Hopefully, Truth,Justice and the American way ..prevailed ??

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